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Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions we receive from the outset. If you are still unsure please visit our contact page and get in touch with us, we are always happy to help.



1. Are your fees clearly stated at the outset? + answer

All fees for our services are clearly stated and applied on a case by case basis, depending on the characteristics of the case. ALL charges will be made clear with no hidden extras or surprises!


2. Will the Department of Immigration and Citizenship assist me in preparing my application, and be available for advice prior to the lodgment of my application for residency? + answer

In a word, No! Though application forms and guidance information is available on the DIAC website, the authorities do not provide personalised advice and assistance on your specific case. Only an Australian Migration Agent can provide this kind of service through all aspects of a Residency application, from preparation of a skills assessment or residency application, right through the completion and the granting of a visa.

3.Do you offer certification of documents as part of your services? + answer

Yes. One of our Directors, Caroline Smith, is a qualified solicitor and we are therefore able to offer this service at a very competitive price as part of our package.

4. Do i need a job before i travel to Australia? + answer

Unless your visa application is in an Employer Sponsored category, you are NOT required to have a job in place prior to migrating under the principal categories in the general skilled migration programme. 

5. What is the current application fee payable to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship? + answer

The application fee for General Skilled Migration is $2575, and this is reviewed each year on 1st July by DIAC. 


6. Do fees paid to The AMC cover all application costs? + answer

No. Fees paid to AMC are for our case management services for all aspects of your individual visa application. Other costs payable will be to The Department of Immigration and Citizenship or any relevant skills assessment body.


7. How long does the total process take for Skilled Migration Visa to Australia? + answer

Each individual application is different and has its own characteristics. Generally our advice is to budget for 12-18 months for the whole process to be completed. This includes allocating the time required to gather necessary paperwork before lodgement of any applications to Australian skills assessment bodies, state governments or the DIAC themselves.


8. Once approved, how long do i have before i must move to Australia? + answer

For General Skilled Migration under the two most popular categories, Skilled Independent (subclass 175) and Skilled Sponsored (subclass 176), your initial arrival must be within one year from the date of your medical tests or police certificates, whichever expires first. However this initial arrival can be used to simply validate your visa and confirm your Australian Residency status. If needed you will have the freedom to return to the UK, as your Skilled Migration visa has a Resident Return facility, valid for a five year period from the date it was granted to you. This allows you greater flexibility to sort out important matters such as property sales or children's education, before fully relocating your family unit at a more convenient time within this five year window.



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