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four ways to talk

Below is a list of the free consultation services we provide:



You can speak to us through Skype which is a form of online assistance so that you can communicate with us at anytime during office hours ( 9am - 5pm Mon -Fri ) by clicking the Skype call now! on the advert in the top right corner. If you don't have the Skype software you can download it here.


You can of course have a chat with us free of charge at our Manchester Office, or perhaps more conveniently for you over the phone or via web cam.  We aim to be as accommodating as we can to you and your family's needs. Please contact us to find a way that best suits you.



We readily appreciate that potential migrants may have both work and home commitments and may find it difficult to arrange free time to visit us during working hours or at the weekend.  We are happy to offer clients the opportunity of a home visit if this more convenient for them. Once we have undertaken an initial assessment to determine your eligibility, we are happy to make an appointment at a convenient time to visit you at home.


If you would like to speak to us in person at a more informal setting, then we regularly have seminars for individuals or couples to spend some time with us. Over the course of an afternoon we will talk you through the process, have talks from people in finance, pensions and resettlement. We also provide refreshments and the chance to chat with our team and other professionals in a more informal setting. Please ring or email to reserve tickets for these events. View latest events page.




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