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factors to consider

If you are thinking of relocating to Australia, finances will be a pivotal consideration for you.


With UK assets in savings, property or other means, even slight fluctuations in the exchange rate between Sterling and the Australian Dollar can have a great impact on your available capital and the security this provides for you.

By referring you to specialists in the field of Professional Currency Exchange, we can help you to maximise your assets - in short, getting them working for you now, to use later when you begin your new life down under!

If you have pensions or other investments in the UK, then you may want to consider the possibility of transferring these. Here we may be able to help too by advising you of your options in order to enable you to reach the best financial decision possible.

Failure to prepare your finances is preparing to fail! Your assets are one of the most important considerations and we can help you make them work for you by recommending the right people to assist at the right time. We look forward to helping you.

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